27 Apr 2020

spatstat 1.64-0 released

Today spatstat 1.64-0 ‘Susana Distancia’ has been uploaded to CRAN where Windows and OSX binaries are also available. You can also download it from the github repository. The main changes are (full release notes here):

  • Interactive graphics functions have been removed to a separate package.
  • spatstat no longer needs the packages ‘tcltk’ and ‘rpanel’.
  • The suggested package ‘maptools’ should be version 0.9-9 or later.
  • Important bug fix in density.ppp.
  • Add new vertices to a linear network.
  • Relative risk estimation on a network.
  • Leave-one-out density estimation on a network.
  • Improvements and extensions to linear networks code.
  • Improvements to ‘nndist’ methods.
  • Function lengths.psp has been renamed lengths_psp.
  • Bug fixes related to mppm.
  • Stability improvements.