08 Dec 2019

spatstat 1.62-1 released

Today spatstat 1.62-1 ‘An update which will live in infamy’ has been uploaded to CRAN where Windows and OSX binaries are also available. You can also download it from the github repository. The main changes are (full release notes here):

  • spatstat now requires spatstat.utils version 1.15-0 and goftest version 1.2-2.
  • Nearest Neighbour Index function can now return mark values.
  • Important fix in Ripley isotropic correction.
  • Index of repulsion strength for determinantal point process models.
  • Nearest neighbours between two point patterns in any number of dimensions.
  • More options for handling bad simulation outcomes in envelope().
  • Bandwidth selectors warn about extreme values of bandwidth.
  • Tessellations on a linear network can now have marks.
  • New functions for simulating point processes on a linear network.
  • More functions for manipulating tessellations on a linear network.
  • mppm accepts case weights.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.