22 Dec 2015

spatstat 1.44-0 released

Today spatstat 1.44-0 ‘The Sound of One Hand Typing’ has been uploaded to CRAN where Windows and OSX binaries are also available. You can also download it from the github repository. The main changes are (full release notes here):

  • More support for multidimensional point patterns and point processes.

  • More options for envelopes and related Monte Carlo tests.

  • More support for model comparison.

  • k-th nearest neighbours on a linear network.

  • Penttinen process can be simulated (by Metropolis-Hastings or CFTP).

  • Calculate the predicted variance of number of points.

  • Convexifying operation for sets.

  • Subdivide a linear network.

  • Accelerated algorithms for linear networks.

  • Quadrat counting accelerated, in some cases.