27 May 2015

spatstat 1.42-0 released

Today spatstat 1.42-0 ‘Life, The Universe and Everything’ has been uploaded to CRAN where Windows (but not OSX) binaries are also available. You can also download it from the github repository. The main changes are (full release notes here):

  • Permutation test for difference between groups of point patterns.
  • Variational Bayes estimation for point process models.
  • Score test in anova.ppm
  • ROC curve, and discrimination index AUC, for fitted models.
  • Interactive text editor for spatial datasets.
  • Tools for analysing data on a tree.
  • Kernel density/intensity estimation on a linear network.
  • Random pixel noise.
  • Improved behaviour of polygon geometry operations.
  • Improved support for cluster and Cox models.
  • Improved basic support for owin objects.
  • Improved support for tessellations.
  • More hierarchical Gibbs interactions.
  • Modifications to Kest.
  • summary method for Cox and cluster models.
  • class ‘listof’ is almost completely replaced by ‘anylist’ and ‘solist’.
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
  • spatstat now depends on R version 3.2.0 or later.